Sta Lucia Health Care Centre

Doctor’s Directory

                 CLINIC SCHEDULE OF DOCTORS   


Dr. Balajadia Tuesday& Thursday 12nn-3pm Dr. Orlina Saturday 3pm-6pm
Dr. Bayani Saturday 3pm-6pm Dr. Marcos Tuesday 3pm-6pm
Thursday 9pm-6pm
OPHTHALMOLOGY Dr. Balintong Friday 12nn-3pm
Dr. Manabat Monday 12nn-3pm Sunday 12nn-3pm
Saturday 9am-12nn Dr. Javier Saturday 9am-3pm
Dr. Bonzon Monday & Ftiday 3pm-6pm Dr. Bismark Sunday 9am-12nn
Dr. Echiverri Tuesday & Friday 9am-12nn GENERAL SURGEON 
Dr. Soriano Tuesday 12nn-3pm Dr. Paragas Wednesday 3pm-6pm
Dr. Salud Tuesday – Saturday 3pm-6pm Dr. Santos Thursday 12nn-3pm
Dr. V.Canta Wednesday 12nn-3pm ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY
Dr. Laxamana Thursday & Friday 3pm-6pm / 12pm – 3pm Dr. Lasam Tuesday & Thursday 2pm-5pm / 3pm-5pm
Dr. Gan Saturday 12nn-3pm Dr. Dela paz Thursday 10am-12nn
Dr. Bernardez Wednesday 3pm-6pm Dr. Syson Friday 3pm-6pm
Thursday 12nn-3pm Dr. Balce Saturday 10am-12nn
Dr. Chanyungco Monday & friday 9am-12nn Dr. Reyes Monday 4pm-6pm
Dr. Yu Monday 12nn-3pm Saturday 2pm-5pm
friday 3pm-6pm DERMATOLOGY
Dr. Garabiles Wednesday 12nn-3pm Dr. Baysa Monday & Tuesday 10am-4pm
Saturday 12nn-3pm Friday 10am-1pm
Dr. Martinez Saturday 3pm-6pm Saturday & Sunday 12nn-5pm
Dr. Castillo Friday 12nn-3pm Dr. Dela cruz Monday, Tuesday, friday 4pm-7pm
ENT/HEAD NECK SURGERY Wednesday 10am-7pm
Dr. vencio Monday 12nn – 6pm Thursday 3pm-7pm
Wednesday 3pm-6pm Saturday 9am-12nn
Saturday 12nn-3pm Dr. barasi Thursday 3pm-7pm
Dr. cordero Tuesday 12nn – 6pm Friday 1pm-4pm
Thursday 12nn-3pm Saturday 5pm-8pm
Friday & Saturday 3pm-6pm PULMONOLOGY 
Dr. Garcia tues & thurs 3pm-6pm
Dr. Pineda Friday 9am-12nn
Dr. Comia Sunday 3pm-6pm DENTISTRY
Dr, Concepcion Mon, Wed,, Fri, Sat, Sun 9am-6pm
Dr. Paragas Mon, Tue, Thru, Sat, Sun 9am-6pm
Dr. Pasion Tue, Wed, Thru, Fri, Sat, 9am-6pm
5pm cut off
By appointment:
Dr. Gerardine Sayo (psychiatrist)