Sta Lucia Health Care Centre

About Us

The STA. LUCIA HEALTH CARE CENTRE (SLHCC), a mall based Multi-Specialty, Ambulatory and Diagnostic Center, is now set to provide a wide range of medical services to its patient clientele. With an area of over 1,150 square meters under it’s roof, physicians from different reputable hospitals have eagerly bonded together to make this mall-based health care center the most comprehensive medical clinic of its kind, East of Metro Manila.

SLHCC has capabilities to perform minor out-patient surgery, cosmetic and non-cosmetic, with its Operating Room Facilities. Other treatment and diagnostic modalities include a Dental, X-ray, Ultrasound, Derma Care Center, and a Heart Station to name a few. In addition to a complete range of Laboratory services, services will be offered while you wait or while taking a stroll in the mall.

With an outstanding combination of technology and competent medical staff, you can be assured that your evaluation, diagnosis and treatment will be most reliable.

Our Mission

We are committed to promote a comprehensive, multi-specialty and ambulatory health care and diagnostic services, quality in mind and service with a heart. As we confront the challenges of the future, we shall aspire to enhance our financial viability, conceive a productive and flexible organizational structure that can forge our optimism to become more responsive to the demands of the demands of the challenging times. We shall ensure a highly trained and motivated staff, driven with vigor and armed with the inspiration to excel in the performance of their function to render quality health care for all.


We are the Sta. Lucia Health Care Centre, a dynamic health care facility, empowered by the strength of our unity and resources. We seek opportunities to generate organized and aggressive solutions affirming our commitment to quality health care services, sustainable growth, profitability and pursuit of competitive spirit. As we mature into the future, we shall constantly focus upon our collective interests, our social and community responsibilities and make a sensitive balance between our professional fulfillment.